Entoto Mountain is located in the beautiful Ethiopian countryside. There is a village there, half of the village is infected with HIV but cannot take the medicine provided by the government because they do not have enough food. The other half works tirelessy each day carrying loads of firewood up the mountain for less that $1 per day. The children of the village get one meal a day, and have no means of education. This blog is their stories, and the story of a man working to bring them Hope.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Mesfin is twelve years of ago and is currently living with his mother and two siblings he lost his father at the age of seven. The father died of HIV and so his mother took the responsibility of working around bulildings and carrying wood and metal (day labor) with wages that are less than 1 dollar to feed children four to five years the mother also has the virus and due to her fatigue she stopped working and she couldn't feed her children any more .

As mesfin told me the times where he goes to school he usually does not eat the proper meals and on many occasions after coming back from school he does not get any food. Just one meal a day because his older brother stop going to the school in order to support his mother, himself, and his sister.

Because of this malnurishment Mesfin gets sick at school. This throwing up is a problem to his education so he usually returns home. Also mesfin cold not think of any thoughts except his mother is going to pass away and those thoughts hold him bake from studying and getting an education.

The sad part of it all is that there are similar children on that mountain going through the same experience. Today, endhinew hope entoto life's plan and purpose is to change family and lives in order to bring forth a new mind set, build a healthy and diligent community to change not only themselves but others around them as well.

But Mesfin is such an amazing person when I start to feed kids at entoto, he took food for his mother instead of eating with the children.